Artworks on Salvaged Metal by Brothers of Light

I initial came upon Brothers of Light’s winsome, witty aesthetic on the streets of Jerusalem various many years ago. I was an instant enthusiast. Presently on perspective at 30 Yefet Street — a stately, atmospheric constructing in Jaffa — is From Dirt, a delightfully intriguing exhibition featuring dozens of artworks […]

Sebastiaan Knot | Using Light to Beautify a Given Space

About Sebastiaan Knot Sebastiaan Knot (b.1970) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He uses light as his material to create contrasts of color and form, embellishing the given space. After a career as a photographer, graphic, and web designer, he established his photography studio, which […]

Indie Filmmakers Shine a Light on the American South

In current yrs, the South has grow to be a coveted place for filming, with Georgia battling New York and California as the state internet hosting the country’s most characteristic movie productions. The state’s liberal tax incentives for filmmakers have effectively lured numerous generation teams from the West and Northeast, […]