K.R.M. Mooney at Miguel Abreu Gallery | Orchard Street

K.R.M. Mooney’s first exhibition with this gallery (and in New York) features a selection of suggestively deformed devices, from architectural and industrial components to almost figurative compositions. Acquire the wall-mounted assemblage Housing (c.) ii (all will work 2022), with its bent, highly-priced-searching, copper-colored sheet. This component almost resolves into anything […]

Is Showing Your Art in a Co-op Gallery Worthwhile?

Recently I wrote a post about the advisability of showing your work in a “vanity” gallery. This post has already received a lot of attention, comments, and questions. I appreciate the input from the community and the willingness to share personal insight from past experiences. In the comments, it became […]

Dogma Whistle – Maniscalco Gallery

I get it. Our experience as Christians is so transformative and profound, we want to share it with others. But when we cross the line into forcing others or coercing them into complying with our dogma, the teachings of Jesus as we understand it, we’re doing more harm than good. […]