End of the year SALE coming up!

For the initial time in the existence of my on the net shop, I am going to be obtaining an finish-of-the-calendar year sale, for two seeks in November! This is surely massive news. I typically don’t price cut any of my products but I’ve resolved to this year since: I […]

2022 Wrap-Up: The Year In Displate Art

Synergy. That’s the word we’d hang on the wall for 2022.  It’s been a busy year that brought together our print magicians with seasoned maestros and fresh faces from all over the world in a synergistic effort to find out what else a Displate can be.  And it can be […]

MUD Foundation Kicks Off the Third Year of Media Under Dystopia, a Hybrid Exhibition Program Supporting Artists Working at the Center of Art + Technology

Nov 16, 2022 by Miami Art Scene™ – MUD Foundation announces Media Under Dystopia 3.0: WASD, a new exhibition that features projects by artists that explore ideas of collaboration, performance, extractivism, and the intersection of physical and digital realms. At its core, the exhibition centers around the use […]

Tips for Gifting Someone Your Art This Year

Are you contemplating of gifting a person your artwork this year? Listed here are some strategies on art gifting. BY ALEX TOWNASTALLI, ARTCENTRON Are you thinking about gifting an individual your artwork this yr? This is a fantastic idea for liked ones—use our tips to be certain the approach goes easily. […]