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This is my third report in a sequence of weblog posts about working with colour pencil. In my previous content articles I included the variations in Derwent’s pencil ranges and how to uncover your stress. It is now time to go on to some of the other issues that can influence how your pencils get the job done. We will be looking at diverse pencil strokes and, in my bonus video, I address how your alternative of floor can alter how your artwork seems to be.

It is all about diverse strokes

Image of different pencil strokes
In this article are a several that I use the most in my possess work

Color pencils can be made use of to develop the greatest realism in your work or can be loose and painterly. It is all about the diverse strokes that you use to implement the pigment that will make the variation as to the textures you will obtain. When once again it is vital to practice these tactics so that you understand which ones to use where by and when.


Stippling is reached simply by dotting or tapping your nib to the help. A sharp nib will depart tiny dots while a blunt or rounded idea will leave even bigger marks. You can vary your strain and also combine distinctive colors into the stipples.

I would use this technique on anything like a dog’s nose.

Lisa Ann Watkins - Mac
Lisa Ann Watkins – Mac


When you want to develop a sleek texture then strokes such as back and forth or scumbling are great for this. Again and forth is simply just that. You go the pencil in a again and forth motion utilizing a consistent, even and restricted laydown with a typical strain. Gradually the levels will construct up to create smoothness.

Scumbling is specifically the same system but utilizing a limited round movement when laying down the pigment. I will use this strategy anywhere that I want smoothness or a shiny, glassy result these kinds of as on eyes. In this article you can see I designed up the shiny eye using a blend of the two strokes until I realize the finish I am aiming for.

Lisa Ann Watkins - eye detail
Lisa Ann Watkins – depth of eye

Hatching & Cross Hatching

Hatching and cross hatching is a wonderful way of working loosely and producing distinctive forms of texture in your perform. This pencil stroke involves the laydown of strains parallel to just about every other. You can differ the thickness, width among and the stress of these lines. You can also then do a cross hatch which is yet another layer of hatching overlaid at a appropriate angle throughout the preliminary layer. Free circles are also a great way of fairly literally making far more looseness in your do the job. It also builds up an outcome really swiftly. After again you can differ the tension and the sizing of your circles doing work equally clockwise and anti clockwise. This is excellent for free curls like in a poodle or for instance on this sheep.

Lisa Ann Watkins -
Lisa Ann Watkins – Wallis

Putting stroke

The stroke most affiliated with developing fur texture is the putting or tapered stroke. As with the other strokes you can change the pressure, way and also most importantly the size of these strokes. This will generate a myriad of distinctive fur textures. Use a organization tension at the foundation of the stroke and then merely carry and flick away to make the taper. This is certainly one particular to observe and to merge with the other strokes outlined over.

Practice will make excellent and it also will help to make your confidence in your perform which in switch shines by means of in the concluded piece. Aura below is a best case in point of a blend of scumbling strokes for the eye, back again and forth for the chunks of fur and then a lot of, lots of great tapering strokes for the texture.

Lisa Ann Watkins - Aura
Lisa Ann Watkins – Aura

Debossing or Indenting

Image of embossing technique

One spin on these techniques is to substitute your pencil for a stylus and then you can indent these marks into your guidance in advance of including any pigment. This can then guide to even much more texture and depth to your do the job. The best way to master more is to acquire a appear at the video beneath to watch all of these strokes in action.

Enjoy the video clip at?v=hZtInbL7zG0

View a reward video about surfaces

As you can see from the info so far, there is a great deal that can affect the finish result of a get the job done designed employing colour pencil. Putting it all alongside one another let us choose a look at one very last aspect that is as significant a aspect as that of our preference of pencils to use. This is the paper or help that you choose to use. Many thanks to the invention of factors like grounds and primers it suggests that presently you can use pencils on any floor from wood to steel. In this final video of the series I will how you a number of of the distinctions amongst operating on some of the greatest known papers employed with colour pencils currently. These are frequently referred to as possibly smooth or textured papers and I also involve the big difference in between working on each traditional white as effectively as black. at?v=WjqGw2nFl1o

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Lisa Ann Watkins BA(Hons), AFC, CPCAM, UKCPS is well regarded in the world of coloured pencils as a multi award profitable artist & tutor

In July 2017 Lisa set up her first formal teaching channel on Patreon. Lisa creates in depth videos & penned tutorials for her online students every month & now teaches over 300 people today around the world. She has also just released her initially e book with Research Press.  Lisa is a member of the prestigious tutoring teams of renowned artwork educators this sort of as the SAA & Patchings Art Centre. She works closely with Clairefontaine and Grafix and is an official Manufacturer Ambassador for Derwent Artwork.

You can continue to keep in touch with Lisa on her web page Animal Art by Law and on her instagram or facebook pages.

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