Thanasis Totsikas “Miracles” at Rodeo, Piraeus

It is the conclusion of January and we are walking on his land, undigging piles of material, excavating operates and areas of will work from the chilly soil, compost factors all around the place amidst his major assortment of tractors, autos developed in the 40s and go up to the 90s ‘all operating.’

Maya Tounta is there using pictures and playing the metallophone. We went collectively.

It’s a bright sunny day in Nikaia, even though in all places else is strike by a horrible snowstorm.

My second face with Thanassis Totsikas is interrupted by fifteen many years. The initially time was not far from his residence, sitting on a desk close to the corpse of a slaughtered goat, ‘killed in particular for us’.

When a person tends toward him, items flip sacrificial.

An existence break up in between the city and the bucolic, deep into the psychology of the materiality of everyday living, his operate is basically working with domesticity and the transformation of electrical power, the mood, the spirit into kind, edifice, dwelling.

There is something elemental about the man or woman and what he would make. Matters can experience cavey or from the distant potential.

He loves fire, participating in with it, melting and welding metals, imagining of buildings, how to make them, how to repair them, a kind of fixer belonging to the previous globe.

He crafts the wind, the gentle and the sound factors build when they contact. Philosophical playtime.

However he is (not) modern day.

Well set up within the soil have been a team of metallic tubes, in degrading pearl Miami auto tans, many of them and rusted.

Then we went back again into the concrete residence, exactly where his self-made engines await and he manufactured knives for us and blades, to safeguard us from all dangers they did.

Fluo shades mixed with rust and marble, clay and wood, decomposing egg shells, orange peels and soil are his index. And fire, and breath and the light-weight they make male in nature, guy and character, holding hands. An index created of metal, sound, fire and spirit.

The poor spirits ought to be retained away. The audio of fuchsia and the sound of yellow, metallic on metallic, send out them considerably from the home.

When you fulfill anyone like him and they seem as if the close is close by, a requiem they say, and a piece of marble seems with their title on. You speculate.

“It’s not a tombstone, it’s a piece of marble with my identify on.”

A teen in the body of Pan.

Is Pan a teenager?

He sits on his mattress within his shelter manufactured from marble and earth surrounded by a yellow tule, ashes and limitless drawings. A ruler of some faraway kingdom, painting flowers just about every working day, monitoring the temperature and other phenomena.

Arriving back to Athens, via a tunnel of white, what was still left was the sound, the mirror, the fluorescent and the metallic. The heat of the flames our talismans continue to contained.

His buried flutes have been cleaned.

They stand upwards waiting for you to use them. Each and every 1 sings in different ways, like the shells from the sea, hardly ever a exact same seem.

His leather-based coat is coated with mud, and his tender tops decorated with knives and sharp blades.

The house involving dwelling and not dwelling is very little, the knife reminds us.

Highly effective and worried, we are break up amongst our exterior and our indoor life.

at Rodeo Piraeus, Piraeus
until September 24, 2022

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