Fredrick Arthur Bridgman | American Orientalists

Fredrick Arthur Bridgman | American Orientalists | 1847-1928 An American orientalist painter Fredrick Arthur Bridgman was born in 1847 in Tuskeegee, Alabama, He was the son of a physician, Bridgman would become one of the United States’ most well-known, well-regarded painters. He became one of the world’s most talented “Orientalist” painters. […]

“American Honey” by Photographer Julien Sage

Functioning as a tour manager for rock and roll bands, photographer Julien Sage (beforehand featured in this article) managed three distinct US excursions among 2019 and 2022, having him from his home state of California to the Northeastern edges of the region and back again again. “During these trips I […]

Indie Filmmakers Shine a Light on the American South

In current yrs, the South has grow to be a coveted place for filming, with Georgia battling New York and California as the state internet hosting the country’s most characteristic movie productions. The state’s liberal tax incentives for filmmakers have effectively lured numerous generation teams from the West and Northeast, […]