Print of the Month, November 2022 – Adoration!

Print of the month is back just in time for the upcoming holiday season! It seems like a good time to spread a message of family and affection, so I’ve chosen a classic film shot from the early 1990’s of an emperor penguin chick and adoring parents. It takes both dedicated parents to ensure the chick is able to survive and thrive in the harsh Antarctic climes. Around the months of May and June, a female penguin will lay a single egg which is then passed on to the male to protect and incubate for the next 65-75 days. The female then heads back out to sea to recoup and feed for the next several weeks.

A collection of four penguin prints are on sale in the online store – purchase today and I’ll get my signing pad ready! If you’ve never purchased a fine art print before, our process is fairly simple. Each print is reviewed by our image editor to ensure quality before being printed on high-quality acid-free paper. The print is then allowed to off-gas before being signed and carefully wrapped and placed in a shipping tube to be sent your way. From here you can take your new fine art print to any local framer to be displayed to your liking!

Of course, we can also suggest framers and mounting services to meet your specific needs. If you have any specific questions give us a call or contact us and we will answer your questions!

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