Juxtapoz Magazine – Bianca Nemelc Becomes One with Nature in “Eutierria”

“There is a story,” Bianca Nemelc told us about the bodies in her paintings in an interview a few years back. “It usually starts with the pose, and I add the rest of the environment. And a lot of times what I’m playing around with is, how does she interact? So there she kind of looks like rocks, she kind of looks like a part of the landscape. Putting the figures together, I want them to feel like they are part of the environment that they’re living in.” That environment is once again at the center of her new body of work, Eutierria, soon on view at Steve Turner in LA. 

As the gallery notes, “Steve Turner is pleased to present Eutierria, a solo exhibition by Bianca Nemelc that features the interconnectedness of watery landscapes and the female form in a series of new paintings. The exhibition’s title is a term coined by Australian philosopher Glenn A. Albrecht, and it refers to ‘a positive feeling of oneness with the earth and its life forces where the boundaries between self and the rest of nature are obliterated and a deep sense of peace and connectedness pervades consciousness.’ This is the feeling that Nemelc seeks to convey in her paintings and in the immersive installation that she designed together with guest curator, Ché Morales.”

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