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Photographer Judy M. King provides a collection of black and white images that glow the light-weight on dazzling circus performers. Discover extra of her various work on her website.

The circus has always loaded me with speculate. Entertainers thrill with eye-catching costumes, power, bravery and grace. My Beneath the Huge Top portfolio presents circus performers in black and white on black backgrounds. Use of monochrome directs emphasis to the performers. It unifies and simplifies the visuals. It is less predicted than retaining the vibrant outfits and lights.

I make eclectic and unconventional electronic pictures. There is pleasure in picking out the lens, procedure, standpoint and crop. I strive for significant affect and clean up, refreshing layout.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Pushing the Boundary” pictures, many dimensions


To me, photography is the melding of serendipity, instinct, preparedness and skill. The picked posture of the issue influences the storytelling. Remaining enclosed and tucked into a bottom corner is isolating and grounding. However, searching throughout the frame implies freedom to desire. Like a hatchling, the aerialist seems to emerge and check her wing outside the hoop.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“En Garde!” pictures, different measurements


I’m delighted when I can document a decisive minute or fleeting occurrence. For example, capturing movement only in the swishing mock sword and quivering hand, but nowhere else.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Side Saddle” images, various sizes


I favor dynamic diagonals more than static pictures. Damaging (vacant) area gives place. Here, the topic can potentially swing into the inky black surround.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Strength, Equilibrium and Grace” images, a variety of dimensions


A symmetric image is flawlessly well balanced. Nonetheless, I desire uneven pictures they have less predictability, more visible tension and encourage greater scrutiny.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“King of Rings” images, numerous measurements


Sluggish shutter speed can expose surprises about what is going (blurred) or stationary (sharp).


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Malia, the Fireplace Eater” images, a variety of measurements


Radial motion and an S-curve improve the former composition. The combination of misdirected (opposing) and harmonious parallel lines provides interest.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“At Crossed Purposes” pictures, a variety of measurements


A lot of of my photographs have symbolism, a psychological or spiritual component, or make a social comment. Preferably, you decode these messages or have your very own interpretations. For me, the preceding impression symbolizes conflict, the war of the sexes. He is massive and in emphasis. She is diminutive and gentle. We see misdirection of their vertical and horizontal lines.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Hooper” photography, numerous measurements


The dancer gracefully crosses the stage her fluttering fingers and the synchronized hoop revolutions are apparent. Arrested motion contributes to a 3-D high-quality.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“Strong Person and Gentle Beams” pictures, numerous measurements


In a balanced composition, the visible weights of subjects or opposing forces match. This produces a sensation of harmony. From time to time harmony occurs by means of mirroring or symmetry. Diagonal strains give pics dynamism. Atmospheric photos (with smoke, fog, rain, and many others.) have an appealing softness.


black and white circus photograph by Judy M King

“The Girl and the Elephant” images, different dimensions


An unconventional digicam angle and juxtaposition of dissimilar and misdirected subjects can make a picture unique.

My award-profitable images appear in solo and team exhibitions, publications, and magazines in the United States and Europe. I am obtainable for critiques and shows. My inspiration stems from God and a lengthy listing of photographers, digital artists, architects, trend designers, painters, poets, and comedians.

On my web-site and social media, you can see the assortment of my operate. It consists of refined and vivid color, abstracts and multi-panel pics (diptychs and triptychs). I have a portfolio documenting the COVID-19 pandemic and substantially far more there.


Artist Judy M. King invitations you to observe her on Instagram.


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